Hi! I'm Eric, a full-stack

Web Developer

git clone coffee_2_code.git cd coffee ./convert.sh -i 'dark_roast' -o 'javascript' Coffee successfully converted to code

Eric, can you do
custom programming?

Instead of rambling off various accolades filled with nerdy tech words, I'll just get to the point. The answer is Yes. I've been a seasoned developer for over two decades and have worked on just about every type of project that involves a webserver and devices that communicate with it.

Whether it's designing a simple informational webpage or building a complex custom webapp, I love every minute of it with a passion and always looking forward to that next difficult project.

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Eric automated our weekly reports and data migrations which eliminated countless hours of mindless labor. He cuts out the fluff and just gets stuff done. He's fast, efficient, and stands behind his work.

- Bill S.

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If we're going to be potentially working on a project together, you might as well get to know me, professionally and personally.

I'm a full-stack dev with over twenty years in the industry. When I'm not writing code or crimping a Cat 5 cable, you might find me riding mountain bikes, doing some long-exposure night-sky photography, woodworking, snowboarding, occasionally jumping out of airplanes, recording music, or camping in the wilderness.

Where's the social media links!?

To be honest, I prefer to reserve my screen time for building awesome things for the web. I like to keep my social offline... preferrably around a campfire far away from the nearest Wifi signal.

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